A crucial element of the system is the RFID reader, which identifies each object scanned. You can choose from a wide variety of RFID readers, depending on your scanning requirements.

Smart RFID reader

UHF RFID handheld reader that can be connected to smartphones. A lightweight, value-for-money handheld reader with a built-in battery that connects to your smartphone via an audio jack. Thanks to its circularly polarized antenna, it can read up to hundreds of tags at a time from a distance of 2-4 m.

650 € / piece

Rodinbell Orca 50

Rodinbell's water, heat, and shock resistant handheld RFID reader, which reads from a distance of up to 8 m, is also suitable in harsh conditions. With its own 5 ” Full HD tempered glass touch screen and Android 6.0 operating system.

1500 € / piece