Our RFID Services at Hotel Vision Budapest


The Hotel Vision Budapest, opened in the fall of 2020, is a 4-star hotel located in the most beautiful part of the Danube Riverbank. The hotel offers 82 comfortable guest rooms with a balcony overlooking the cozy inner atrium, and 9 spacious luxury suites with a wonderful panorama of the Danube. The hotel also has a stylish tapas restaurant, a pleasant wellness area and a modern conference room for up to 200 people.

To ensure high quality services, it is vital that employees spend the least possible time on those background tasks that do not directly contribute to guest satisfaction. At the same time, it is important to keep track of hotel inventory year by year, and although it is not a direct profit gaining activity, is essential for the operation of the hotel.

Stocktaking is typically a long activity that requires many days and the involvement of multiple colleagues, and it is a monotonous task with a lot of potential for human error. In a hotel the stocktaking process is further complicated by the logistic challenges of the continuously occupied rooms.

For a hotel that has 82+9 residential units, the proper stocktaking of every item in each room, from the bed to the cosmetic mirror, from the safe to the coffee maker, is not a quick task, and even with an optimistic estimation it takes 15-20 minutes per room but can take much longer in larger suites. Plus, we can only do it if the room is free.

This is the area, where our service can help.

RFID tags are affixed to hotel equipment. They do not have to be visible, they can be placed under the cover, they can be hidden on the object, so they are also discreet. The management of the hotel insisted on the hidden placement of the tags, that does not disturb guests.

Thus, when a colleague walks into a room with an RFID reader and walks through the rooms, he can take an inventory of every item with a tag in seconds, as the reader can detect them from several (4-5) meters away. Depending on the sensitivity of the reading head and the size of the room, the stocktaking can be done from the corridor in some cases, even without entering the room.

The stocktaking suddenly becomes an easy, quick task that can be done in an occupied room also, in a matter of moments, even during the daily cleaning, and requires no special knowledge, possibly no extra labor. The infallibility of the RFID reader also simplifies the inventory control role and, if necessary, makes it redundant.

The system records the room and the amount and type of objects in it, we have no other tasks but to walk around without any particularly strenuous work.

The labeling processes

It is inevitable to label the objects for the first time. This requires two important steps. An asset must be assigned to the label within the system. We can do this en masse, i.e. we can assign 82 labels to the “cosmetic mirror” asset type, so they will all return this asset when read. These 82 tags can be personalized in a matter of seconds.

Then we need to put these already personalized labels physically on the cosmetic mirrors as well. This is exactly how the hotel's labeling process takes place, with the already named labels being applied to the objects room by room.

From this point on, the system is completed, saving the hotel time and money, and freeing the staff from the hassles of a monotonous workflow.