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RFID in Healthcare: Revolutionizing Patient Safety and Changing the Landscape


Five Promising Uses for RFID in Warehouses


RFID Technology Can Help to Eliminate Queues at Stores

As the post-pandemic world undergoes major transformations, deployments of radio frequency identification technologies may become even more necessary.


Machine Vision and RFID Improve Inventory Tracking

There is enormous potential to utilize both technologies in tandem for tracking applications.


RFID and the IIoT for Industrial Tool Tracking

Tool-tracking solutions based on RFID and the Industrial Internet of Things increase tool traceability and availability, reduce tool search times and bring down asset-carrying costs.


Has RFID Finally Found Its Place in Retail?

RFID technology is finally taking off in retail—in fact, it's being put to use in a variety of ways, some of which might just surprise you.


Four Ways to Save Using RFID for Returnable Asset Tracking

Gaining real-time visibility into returnable assets can set you up for financial success and long-term growth.


IoT and RFID: What’s the Connection?

The Internet is allowing for more hardware and human connectivity. How should industry respond to balance efficiency with privacy?


An Overlooked Use of RFID at Hospitals

While healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) were already plaguing hospitals worldwide, the introduction of the COVID-19 virus at these facilities made the situation worse. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that, although this is not thought to be the main way in which the virus spreads, a person can become infected by touching a surface that has the virus on it "and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes."


Business as Unusual in a Post-Pandemic World

From tracking employees' movements to monitoring proper hand hygiene, RFID technology is awash with possibilities for reducing the risk of future COVID-19 infections.


Why knowing the location of students and teachers is vital.

Never before has a back-to-school season created so much fear, stress and anxiety. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions of all sizes are facing new challenges as they implement cleaning, social distancing and other safety procedures to keep students and faculty members safe.