A convenient and easy-to-deploy RFID-based asset management solution.

Radio frequency

Throughout our lives, we encounter many devices that transmit signals over radio waves, such as cell phones and radios. TagThing uses RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology to emit and receive radio signals so you can identify objects in your vicinity using the RFID reader.


Since not all objects can send and return radio signals, attaching an RFID tag will ensure the item can be identified by the reader. RFID tags come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Depending on what you want to mark, you can choose the appropriate tag.

You can attach it to the inside of a book – the RFID reader will receive the transmission without the user having to open the cover.

It can be sewn into the inside pocket of a dress. The tag can be washed and ironed and can be scanned even when covered.

It can be drilled to the cover of a machine or appliance; the tags are water, UV, shock, and vibration resistant.

It can be glued to the bottom of a chair, and you don’t have to bend down to scan it.

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How it works

When an RFID tag receives signals from an RFID reader, it returns its own unique identifier. If the tag is affixed to an object and read by the reader, the reader will recognize that specific tag and the object assigned to it.

Scanning can be done from up to several meters away and without physical contact, and hundreds of tags can be scanned within seconds.

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  • Hundreds of items can be scanned at once from a distance of a few meters.
  • Since no visual contact is required, tags can be read when covered; you can tell the content of a box without opening it.
  • Almost any object can be labelled.

Which companies should use TagThing?

  • Anyone who wants to speed up and facilitate their inventory and stock-taking processes.
  • Those who want to keep a quick, accurate, and reliable record of their assets.
  • Those who do not like to search for barcodes.


There are many types of RFID readers and many ways to scan an object.

Users can hold a mobile reader and scan nearby items by hand.

Objects (e.g. ID passes) can be scanned as they pass under a reader attached to a wall.

A group of objects can be passed through a reader “tunnel” and identified at once.

A vehicle can pass through a gate that scans its cargo.

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A contactless way to work

Contactless, fast, and accurate inventory and administration with significantly fewer labour requirements. Remote scanning avoids unnecessary contact with items.


TagThing’s software helps digitalize the day-to-day operation of your business. It is a complete asset-accounting solution that not only helps organize your inventory but also greatly automates the everyday running of your business. It can be used as a corporate-governance system and is constantly being expanded with new features.

  • It is cloud- and internet-based, so it can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • It can be used on both mobile (Android and iOS) and desktop.
  • TagThing is available for use almost immediately. If you have special requirements, TagThing can be expanded with customised modules or integrated with existing systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Thanks to its business-specific modules, it can be adapted to any activity.
  • Tailor your company's own suite of tools with specific properties such as status change, grouping, associated files, or usage history.
  • Personnel, customers, events, bookings, expenditure, and revenue can all be managed with TagThing.


You can easily set up our simplest system without our input! (TagThing installation is not required for handheld scanners).

Attach the tag to the object.

Use the app on your mobile device or tablet and connect to the reader via the audio port.

Log on to a desktop computer for all user functions (except scanning).



One time net

193.500 Ft


Monthly net

25.000 Ft

Maximum 5.000 amount Device
1 amount TagThing havidíj
1 amount Smart RFID olvasó
100 amount KM-100186 RFID NANO 100mmx26mm Impinj Monza R6, plastic
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One time net

234.000 Ft


Monthly net

30.000 Ft

Maximum 10.000 amount Device
1 amount TagThing havidíj
1 amount Smart RFID olvasó
1000 amount KM-100186 RFID NANO 100mmx26mm Impinj Monza R6, plastic
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One time net

279.000 Ft


Monthly net

50.000 Ft

Maximum 50.000 amount Device
1 amount TagThing havidíj
1 amount Smart RFID olvasó
2000 amount KM-100186 RFID NANO 100mmx26mm Impinj Monza R6, plastic
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The software, tags, and readers are available as a package or can be purchased separately.


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